PTI’s New Website Co-incides with our New Offices

After many years working in the midst of the city of Sydney, PTI main office has now moved into the dynamic and fast gentrifying Surry Hills area, in close proximity to our Golf House project.


Golf House is Complete

After many years of work, our Golf House Apartments project is complete. Very much for us a “labour of love” we thank Collette Dinnegan for her wonderful interiors which are a major feature of the project. The outside also is very expressive of its purpose and its location.

In essence this building expresses several key aspects of our work, these being :

  • That a building especially when its purpose is to create a “home” : has to have “a heart” ~ a sense of “warmness” and be a “welcoming retreat” from the busy-ness of city life
  • That a building should work to express the “spirit of its area” ~ in this case the dynamic and exciting area of Surry Hills
  • That a building should be very efficiently planned and be straightforward and very cost effective to construct
  • That a building needs to meet the needs and objectives of its market
  • That a building should have a positive impact on its immediate context