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We provide a comprehensive Architectural service covering all aspects from concept to completion and beyond.


Interior Design

We provide a comprehensive Interior Design service to complement our Architectural services. This enables the chosen design strategies and concepts to be also implemented in the Interiors.


Design, Project & Development Management Services

PTI provides Design Management, Project Management and Development Management Services for our Clients. This is typically for projects where we have the specialized experience and can undertake this work more appropriately than a conventional Project Manager.


Tourism + Residential Property Advisory & Hotel Technical Services

From our work over the last 30 years in designing, documenting, managing and overseeing the completion of a wide range of hotels, resorts and other tourism properties, we have built a detailed knowledge of the requirements for tourism properties and what it takes to create successful properties.


Environmental & Social Sustainability

PTI actively supports and encourages in our work involvement in programmes that promote care for the environment and care for the occupants and users of the building ~ for their well-being and social support.



PTI understands the value of modular and prefabricated construction techniques and how these can be utilized to reduce time and cost and increase the quality of the construction and fitout of buildings.



The visualisation of our design work, and the preparation of presentation drawings for Council and other approval applications, as well as for Sales and Marketing presentation, is a key part of PTI’s services.


FF & E Selection, Design and Sourcing

PTI’s Interior Design Services provides services for the design and sourcing of Furniture, Fittings and Equipment (FF&E).


Our Services Assist You

  • To best implement your plans and strategies.
  • To develop designs to set-up and fine-tune your property to achieve its potential, satisfy your requirements and achieve your objectives
  • To translate your visions, aspirations, requirements and objectives into detailed working concepts, strategies and solutions in the built form
  • To heighten the “experience” of your property so as to better attract and retain the market
  • To put together the most effective Design, Documentation, Construction, Development and Management Team for your project
  • To gain all the necessary Planning and Building approvals you need for your project
  • To keep your property operating throughout its life at peak performance, and to achieve with your requirements and objectives
  • To otherwise provide the concepts and strategies through the life of your property to meet the changing preferences of the market, increasing its potency to attract the market, increase room rates, profitability and property value

Strengths of PTI

  • We understand the Tourism, Residential and Managed Accommodation Markets
  • We understand the practical, commercial and design requirements specific to these buildings
  • We deliver cost effective, efficient, attractive and successful buildings and property investments
  • We have honed and continue to improve our services over the past 28 years
  • We have a very experienced and stable team where our core Senior Staff have all been working together for more than 12 years
  • We provide a comprehensive Architecture, Interior Design, Design Management and Property Advisory Service
  • We assist our Clients at all stages of their projects and property investments