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  • Unilodge at UNSW, Kensington

    233 Bed Student Accomodation Property with Public Areas
  • Type

    Student Accommodation
  • Location

    Kensington, NSW
  • Client

    Jeratha P/L

This was one of the first major purpose made student accommodation facilities developed for students of the University of New South Wales. For us they are a very similar building type to hotels so we quickly understood what was needed to achieve the desired end result.

In summary, the university needs facilities which provide a good standard of accommodation and level of pastoral so as to attract and retain overseas and interstate students. The students themselves are looking for a pleasant, comfortable and relaxing environment, where they have all the support facilities and services to be able to concentrate on their studies, while parents are looking for a safe, secure, caring and friendly environment for their children who are spending this time away from their family base. Like for all managed accommodation properties, the task becomes focussed on getting the right balance between providing a quality environment and offering and affordable and value for money product.

UniLodge who are an experienced operator in this market became involved early so the resolution of the design was a collaborative effort between our Clients ~ the Owners and Developers, the University, UniLodge, ourselves and Southern Cross Constructions who were the project’s Builder.

The property consisting of 233 beds with an array of communal areas including ground floor retail and office areas has now been operating successfully for some 15 years.

For more information see this property’s website.