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  • The Pensione Boutique Hotel, Sydney

    Boutique Backpackers Hotel Now Known As 1831 Boutique Hotel
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    Sydney, NSW
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    Pacific International Hotels with Eight Hotels

The concept for this project was to meld a backpacker facility with a boutique hotel to provide a higher level of amenity and sense of luxury than a usual backpacker facility while still being a very affordable product.  What also distinguished this property and its design was the range of accommodation types within the same facility as rooms ranged from dormitory style to smaller rooms including typical hotel type rooms. This was the first property for 8 Hotels.

We designed this property in the spirit of some of the wonderful pensione hotels I have stayed in in Europe. Hence the name for the project and the building, which we also suggested to communicate this concept to the market. The setting being a beautiful heritage building enhanced the guest experience.  the property has been successful since it opened more than 15 years ago.

It has recently been rebranded by the Operator as 1831 Boutique Hotel, acknowledging that this type of property is now more common in the market with many similar ones now around the world, perhaps the most famous being the Ace Hotel in New York.

For more information please see the property’s website.