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  • Integrated Resort, Dubbo

    Integrated Resort & Residential Facility
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    Dubbo, NSW

This is a project we designed for a site a short walk from the Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo.

The opportunity for a major development on the site existed because Dubbo is the main town and business centre in western NSW, and it has been growing steadily over the years. Dubbo has also grown considerably as a tourist centre being the number of visitors that come to the Zoo. However, the area lacks a major hotel facility especially one that serves also to tie together many of the other attractions in the vicinity so people travelling to Dubbo can spend an extended time and not just travel all this way for a few days at the Zoo. This is especially as Dubbo is the town “on the edge of the Outback” it has access to range of other attractions.

As such our Clients sought to consolidate Dubbo as a tourist destination, and to in the process build a major integrated resort facility with conference and function areas as well as a range of bars, restaurants and retail areas which also had easy access to the adjacent Golf Course as well as provided additional residential and commercial areas also for the benefit of the town.

Council approved the proposal, and although tourism market projections also supported the proposal, the joint venture undertaking the project separated for other reasons and unfortunately the project did not proceed.