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  • Residential Apartments, Parramatta

    90 Residential Apartments with Ground Floor Tenancy
  • Type

    Residential, Commercial
  • Location

    Parramatta, NSW

PTI has designed this project for a major corner site in Western Sydney.  Being its proximity to both the University of Western Sydney and the Parramatta CBD, it has been designed to include a retail centre to the ground floor that is suitable for major chains with apartments above which have been designed for predominantly for the student but otherwise the general rental market.  This project has gained Development Approval and is currently under construction with PTI having prepared the Construction Certificate and For Construction documentation and assisting our Client through construction.

The design of the building is focussed on providing a long term investment for the Owners with very efficient and well planned apartments, easy parking and access for the retail centre, cost effective and low maintenance construction and an attractive overall presentation being it is a large site with two significant major street frontages.