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  • Residential Apartments, Parramatta

    104 Residential Apartments with Ground Floor Tenancy
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    Residential, Retail
  • Location

    Parramatta CBD, NSW

This is one of our current projects.  It is for a new tower of 104 apartments with retail and commercial areas in the midst of the Parramatta CBD which we won from a Design Competition.  This project and key principles of the design displays many of the key aspects of our work:

  • The design is targeted at its market : being very close to the Westfield Shopping Centre and to transport the site is ideal those who value this convenience such as retirees and people with disabilities, as well as for the younger market who want to live an “urban life-style” that is within easy reach of the many attractions and venues that are available in the city.
  • The design works to facilitate and encourage a strong “community of residents” in the building : For these markets ideally the building provides a strong and coherent community of its residents to provide a support and social network for them, as such the design works to facilitate and encourage this
  • The building provides a Public Benefit by improving substantially the presentation and safety of the immediate public domain by adding to and activating the street-front by day and night
  • The design makes best use of the available sunlight and views as such 97% of the apartments receive more than 2 hours of sun in mid-winter and all apartments have good cross ventilation and 50% of the apartments meet the silver level performance requirements under the Livable Housing Australia Guidelines.
  • The design is for a building that is very efficient and cost-effective building to construct
  • The design utilises Environmental Sustainability guidelines: The building has its glass areas mainly to the north to maximise the natural light for the apartments and mainly solid walls to the west and east where there are higher heat loads. A feature of the design also is that all apartments have winter gardens with adjustable louvre screens for comfort control.  These work to minimise the summer heat gain and reduce cooling loads, as well as to trap heat in the winter.
  • The design of the facade expresses the concept of “dynamic and spiraling growth” being this is one of Australia’s fastest growing and dynamic cities

Through all of the above measures we have sought to design a building that contributes positively to the natural, cultural, visual and built character of its area.