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  • Skyrise Apartments, Parramatta

    New Residential Tower
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    Parramatta, NSW

PTI Architecture designed this project on a challenging site in the heart of Parramatta’s CBD.  We resolved with our Clients the design concept, then worked thru the various tasks and stages to have the scheme approved by Council and then the Department of Planning as a Planning Proposal; we then won the commission for the design and documentation of project through a formal invited Design Competition.  From this we further resolved the scheme and prepared the necessary documentation for Development Approval, for the successful sales and marketing campaign and then for construction. The project is now complete and as a 224 apartment, 45-storey building it is the tallest project we have undertaken and now has an important place in the growing Parramatta skyline.

Throughout the process PTI Architecture worked closely with the Developer / Builder to create a building that is very space efficient and has been cost effective to construct. The feedback we have received has been very positive.

In terms of its design, the building works to express that it is part of one of, if not the fastest growing and most dynamic of Australia’s cities. Its form is such that it appears to “bend in the wind” with its external screen appearing in part to “peel away” to reveal its main structure and the main building form behind. As such the building is “saying” that in life it is important to both look below the surface, behind external appearances, to see the true reality of something and to see the beauty and wonder of life. At the same time, while we are doing this, it is encouraging us also to be flexible and to have within a sound inner foundation. Both of which are important in our busy, hectic world to live happy and productive lives.