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  • Peppers Kings Square Hotel, Perth

    New Business Hotel utilising Modular Construction
  • Location

    Perth, WA
  • Client

    Mode Modular Development & Hickory Building Group

This hotel, which opened in 2017 is located in the Shafto Lane Restaurant, Bar and Entertainment precinct in the heart of the city of Perth, and is several hundred metres from Perth Arena.  This 120 room hotel property is operated by Peppers (now owned by Accor) and has 120 hotel suites with ground floor Bar and Restaurant and a Conference and Lounge area on the first floor.

PTI assisted our Clients from their initial involvement in the project. This followed the work we had undertaken together on projects in PNG which looked to utilise Prefabricated Modular construction.  (see our Aliyah project in PNG). So, looking for a project to utilise their technology in Australia, our Clients purchased this site in Perth. Perth at the time was ideal, as rising costs of traditional methods of construction had rendered this project unviable, even though there was a strong demand for new hotels, so we worked with Hickory Building Systems using modular building systems to save time and cost such that we were able to make the project viable (the saving in time being in the order of 20 to 25% and the saving in cost to be some 10 to 15%.). From this we worked together to complete the design, document it and to oversee its construction.

The project was completed in just 11 months, with the main building components being the main structural and façade elements and the bathrooms, installed in 11 weeks. This also enabled us to solve the key logistic and access issues of the site being located on one of Perth’s busiest streets.

To watch a video of the construction process, please see the following link.

PTI continues to champion modular and prefabricated construction technology with all of its advantages.  This being that as well as the savings in cost and time :

  • The quality of the interior fitout is much higher than for a traditional project being so much of the works are made under controlled factory conditions and not on a busy building site
  • There are also significant environmental advantages, being using prefabrication enables us to use far less carbon intensive materials, have far less waste and also use far less energy and water usage throughout the construction process.

The feedback from the market and the industry has been very positive, and the project has been successfully operating in the market since opening.  The photos attached are by Hickory and Site Visuals.