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  • Residential Apartments, Darlinghurst

    16 New Residential Apartments with Ground Floor Tenancy
  • Type

    Residential, Retail
  • Location

    Darlinghurst, NSW

PTI Architecture was originally asked by one of our Clients to advise on the potential of this site prior to auction.

Although our Client was unsuccessful in securing the site at auction, we were pleasantly surprised that another of our Clients was the winning bidder and called us soon after securing it ~ and so we started work on this project thinking that it was very much “a meant to be” project for us.

It has nevertheless been challenging, as many projects in the City of Sydney area are ~ especially when there are a whole range of heritage, flood and urban design issues.  However, we have been able to come to a good outcome for the project, resulting in Development Application Approval.

We are currently preparing the Construction Certificate for this project.