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  • Golf House Apartments, Surry Hills

    New Luxury Apartment Development
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    Surry Hills, NSW
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    Trinvas & Kelaron

This is a new luxury 45 apartment residential project in Surry Hills on the eastern edge of the Sydney CBD.  This is in the area of Sydney which has the most life and character and is “the place to be” for the latest in fashion and “goods with character”.  This is being built on its long history as the fashion-house centre of Sydney and on the gentrification of many of its buildings which now house a host of new cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels and creative businesses.  In the midst of these changes and in many ways at the forefront is this Golf House Residences project which sits at the interface of Surry Hills and the city being located on a prominent site along Elizabeth St.  This project recognised this change that was taking place ~ albeit it was very much starting when this project commenced in about 2003.

The concept of the design is to create a building that reflects this dynamic environment and the “rising” of the area ~ emphasising and showcasing its very “heart” and “warmth” to create a building that provides “a real “home” in the midst of our busy and bustling city ~ the place of respite and relaxation and where we feel most comfortable and “grounded”.  To do this we have designed a building that is very rich in colour and texture and that expresses the industrial nature of the buildings in the area and its history as its “fashion centre”.  The interiors also feature natural materials and crafted materials and finishes.  These are also a major aspect of and point of distinction of the project. They are the vision and work of the very talented and Australian “living treasure” Collette Dinnigan.

The project is now nearing completion after being some 17 years in the making.  Over this time we worked on a number of options for the site, transferred the old heritage “Golf House” sign with its neon golfer who every time hit a hole in one to the Power House Museum, re-zoned the site to increase its permissible height and floor space, designed the building and gained the necessary approvals, assisted the successful sales and marketing campaign, and since then we have been assisting the Builder and our Client through construction.

Now in July 2019 with the front scaffold down, and the building nearing completion, there is a great excitement around the building being expressed by the purchasers of the apartments, people involved in its construction and from passers-by who see the building from the train as they travel to and from Central Station.

For more information please see the project’s website.