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  • New Generation Boarding House, Ashfield

    25 Studio Apartments
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    Ashfield, NSW
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The concept of a New Generation Boarding House is the same as the Micro-apartments that are becoming popular in many of the world’s major cities. The term “New Generation Boarding House” was conceived by the NSW Government as part of their initiatives to create more affordable housing, however the creation of these Studio Apartment developments has become popular also with the wider market ~ as it has around the world.

For PTI it is an ideal housing type as the rooms are like self-contained hotel rooms ie they include full kitchen facilities and our experience in designing hotels now over many years is that we understand how to create good functioning living spaces within small areas. Also, the provision of communal areas in association with the rooms is similar to the objective of the public spaces in hotels. As a result, PTI has been designing now more and more of this type of building.

We were commissioned to design this project after the Owners saw our design for 609 Elizabeth St in Redfern. We worked with them to design and create this project for the Ashfield market.

The project was successfully undertaken and is now a successful ongoing property for our Clients.