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  • Aliyah Apartments, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

    Luxury Residential Apartments
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    Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
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    W E Johns

PTI was fortunate to have worked in Papua New Guinea before and during the GFC.  Over that time, we worked initially on the island of Lihir (see other project entries) and then on a hotel project in Port Moresby. The reason for the considerable expansion in the local economy was the mining boom and the new LNG pipeline. This was also the context for this project, located on one of the best sites in the city and with panoramic views of the ocean, the objective here was to provide secure, luxury accommodation for expat families.

The details of the design are that the layout and form seek to make best use of the available views and to create a very modern development reflective of what would be expected in a new luxury residential complex in any modern world city. As such it incorporated a range of recreational and communal areas to further enhance the experience and create an enjoyable and safe place to live.

This was also our first foray into the world of prefabricated construction technology, for which we undertook considerable research and worked with international suppliers to resolve a comprehensive solution for the project. Once the method of construction was proved up, and we understood all of the issues, our Client and our team felt confident and thought it a better option to sell this site with the Planning and other Approvals we had gained and look to develop a modular project in Australia (see the Peppers Hotel in Perth entry).

In 2010 PTI won an International Design Award in the annual CNBC Asia Pacific Property Awards for this project.